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Pre-implantation genetic testing for IVF added to Medicare, Verzenio use expanded under PBS

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23Strands News October 24, 2021

Australians going through IVF will soon be able to claim a Medicare rebate for testing that can help them prevent passing serious genetic disorders on to their child.

23Plus endeavours to empower patients with vital information to help explain their infertility by understanding underlying genetic-related problems. An essential aspect of the 23Plus journey is reproductive carrier screening, that’s why we are overjoyed to report that Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced,

“From November 1 Australians would be able to claim a rebate for five items covering new preimplantation genetic testing services provided within the existing IVF process.”

Previously people who knew they were carriers of serious genetic disorders could only access these tests if they were able to pay privately. The $95.9 million funding for pre-implantation genetic testing will hopefully help all couples to fulfil their dreams of having a family.