23StrandsRedefining Healthcare

Genomics + AI, building a new standard of care in the management of preventative and unexplained disease.

The 23Strands Difference

Our novel solution using whole genome sequencing will help you better understand your health journey.
Whole Genome Sequencing
The complexity of human health requires the highest quality, our team analyses the entire genome known as “Whole Genome Sequencing”, analysing every A, T, C and G that makeup 3 billion base pairs of your DNA. Your genome is the same throughout all the cells in your body and is specific to each individual. Whole Genome Sequencing is only required to be done once in your life if done accurately, as the data is able to be re-analysed over time as your health changes.
Health Provider First
Partnering with clinicians around the globe, empowering them with comprehensive health insights built on genomic, medical, and pharmacological information. This precision analysis and reporting allows for more informed discussions, improved outcomes, and support clinical decision making.
Concierge Health Pathway
Our genomic ecosystem connects patients with multidisciplinary care and collaborative healthcare delivery for each stage of the patient's health needs.
Medical Record Integration
By delivering automated integration with practice management software and electronic health record systems we enable clinicians with access to a complete view of their patients' genomic health information.

23Strands Journey

Know Your Risk
By knowing your genetic risk, you can better understand how your lifestyle can prevent the onset of chronic disease, before it happens.
Understand Your Disease
Be empowered with a better understanding of your condition, and your symptoms.
Manage your Health
Everyone is different, and a 23Strands' genomic test can inform the treatment pathways and medications that will work best for you.