A new way to help patients better understand their unexplained reproductive health challenges

Introducing Fertility23

We understand that being unable to conceive is an emotional and potentially distressing time. Fertility23, was created to take advantage of technological breakthroughs that allow your DNA to be analysed and mapped to identify potential causes of infertility, that are individual to you.

Unexplained Infertility

  • A diagnosis of unexplained infertility is defined as not falling pregnant for a year or more without an apparent physiological reason.
  • 23 Strands is proud through its Fertility23 service, to offer a new approach of bringing together vital information found through whole-genome analysis and artificial intelligence algorithms, to empower you and your clinicians to better understand your fertility challenges.

Optimising Your Medication Regimen

  • Your genetics can determine how your body responds to certain medications. Subtle differences in an individual's genes mean that medications work optimally in one individual and less so in another.

Screening for potential carrier genes

  • You may be aware that certain diseases and conditions can be passed on to a child through their parent's genes. These genetic disorders are sometimes carried by parents unknowingly as they do not have any have outward signs of the disease. When both parents are carriers of a specific gene then the risk of the child having the disease is consequently higher.