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Dr Hua Lin, our Chief Data Officer plays a pivotal role in 23Strands securing ARC grant

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23Strands News May 17, 2022

Dr Hua lin 23strands Chief Data Officer is responsible for leading our data science team, utilising big data technology, and applying ai techniques to execute 23strands’ vision.

Dr Hua Lin (23Strands)
Dr Hua Lin (23Strands)

Two years ago, Dr Hua Lin joined 23Strands with the goal to empower clinicians and patients with genomic insights through cutting-edge AI techniques. With a background in Mathematics, Statistics and Information Systems, Hua has taken that strong grounding and applied it to real world business problems for the last 20 years. She has a great track record in developing and executing data analytics and data science strategy to achieve real commercial value across a wide variety of industries, including Banking, Insurance, Telco, and Healthcare.
In 23Strands, Hua is responsible for leading and developing our data science strategy, utilising big data technology, and applying AI techniques to generate new developments in healthcare, and ultimately, executing 23Strands’ vision ‘to empower every human being in their healthcare journey with genomics.’

Hua’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive, and leadership skills. Most importantly, she specialises in building and managing strategic organisational data science capabilities and processes with outstanding experience in initialising, developing, and delivering innovative projects.

Most recently Hua’s successes have allowed our 23Strands team to be awarded a grant by the Australia Research Council (ARC) to accelerate the research and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical medicine. Hua is now collaborating with Professor Jie Lu from the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute to apply AI in the analysis, management and personalised treatment of diseases.

 Beyond her incredible work at 23Strands, Hua loves good food, travel, and enjoying life with her family and friends.