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AI-Designed Protein Able To Awaken Dormant Genes

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23Strands News March 07, 2022

By combining CRISPR technology with a protein designed with artificial intelligence, it is possible to awaken individual dormant genes by disabling the chemical "off switches" that silence them.

23Strands is committed to keeping you informed about interesting genetic and AI studies. Recently innovative research out of the University of Washington School of Medicine reported on a new technique that combined CRISPR and a protein designed with AI that can awaken dormant genes. 

This novel technique allows researchers to understand the role individual genes play in cell growth and development, which plays a critical part in ageing and disease states such as cancer.  

The new technique's prospects are exciting because it is an epigenetic modifier. Which means it controls gene activity without altering the DNA sequence of the genome by targeting chemical modifications that help package genes in our chromosomes and regulate their activity. 

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