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Explaining AI's role in precision medicine

23Strands News
23Strands News February 23, 2022

Adding Artificial Intelligence research to precision medicine is the future – but any collaboration between AI researchers and clinicians must include "the human factor"

AI is an incredibly innovative technology that has the chance to revolutionise the medical field. It has the power to help researchers and clinicians solve complex health problems more accurately. Although it has become very popular recently, specifically in the field of personalised medicine, AI is still very new and to reap the greatest benefits it needs to be used in the relevant settings. 

The article linked below by Dr Hyun Ko from the University of Melbourne critically evaluates the place AI has in precision medicine and how best to integrate the technology into the medical field. Ko goes on to say that, “communication among multidisciplinary team members and sustainable collaboration is the key to success in virtual and non virtual worlds.”

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