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Australian cyber security company Haventec has launched eConsent for Genomics with joint funding from AustCyber

23Strands News
23Strands News December 08, 2021

AustCyber backs decentralised solution for confidential health data by Haventec

We have been so excited to work with the Haventec team on their eConsent for Genomics platform, supported by AustCyber. We are now celebrating the completion of the first phase of this project and we believe this innovation will change how patients and health care professionals access and share sensitive health data 

Our 23Strands team are planning on rolling out this decentralised platform for confidential Genomic testing consent and data storage.  At 23Strands, we wanted to extend our solutions into the community, allowing for greater protection of this most sensitive genomic information.

We believe that Haventec’s foundational components of Authenticate and Sanctum developed into our combined new eConsent program was the answer. We are very excited to continue our partnership with Haventec into the future and proud associates of being part of this award-winning activity.