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Artificial intelligence in oncology: current applications and future perspectives

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23Strands News November 26, 2021

The British journal of cancer have published a systematic review into the current applications and future perspectives of Artificial intelligence in oncology.

At 23Strands we understand the power and importance of Artificial intelligence (AI). That's why we feel that this journal article is so exciting as the research reviewed has the ability to reshape the landscape and horizons of oncology, opening new important opportunities for improving the management of cancer patients. By analysing the AI-based devices that have already obtained the official approval by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), we can assess that cancer diagnostics is the oncology-related area in which AI is already entered with the largest impact into clinical practice.

Furthermore, breast, lung and prostate cancers represent the specific cancer types that now are experiencing more advantages from AI-based devices. The future perspectives of AI in oncology are as follows: the creation of multidisciplinary platforms, the comprehension of the importance of all neoplasms, including rare tumours and the continuous support for guaranteeing its growth represent in this time the most important challenges for finalising the ‘AI-revolution’ in oncology.