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A Health 10x Success Story: 23Strands

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23Strands News September 29, 2021

Med-tech start-ups accelerated towards commercial success

23Strands is providing trustworthy, evidence-based recommendations to patients and their clinical care teams, to enable truly personalised healthcare. This innovative early-stage business is using Artificial Intelligence to unlock patients’ Whole Human Genome Sequencing (WHGS) to improve individual outcomes while delivering a reduction in health costs through efficient and effective services via clinician colleagues. 23Strands’ mission is to make the latest advancements in WHGS affordable and accessible in underserved populations.

23Strands was showcased at the 2020 Health 10x Demo Night. As a result of the Health 10x program, 23Strands has rapidly established research agreements with Monash University, UNSW and global collaborations and attracted its first investors in early 2021. It has commercially launched the Datar Cancer Genetics solutions in Australia and is currently working in partnership on a variety of projects in areas such as heart attack and fertility.