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This Device Could Tune Your Heart - Then Dissolve Away

23Strands News
23Strands News July 16, 2021

The latest in “electronic medicine” offers an alternative to temporary pacemakers and could help reduce tissue scarring.

At 23Strands we think it’s an essential part of our job to help inform our patients of the latest cardiovascular technologies. A recent study in Nature biotechnology debuted a “transient” pacemaker that gets the job done, then dissolves away. The device weighs about a 10th as much as a dime, and it receives wireless power through a tiny metallic coil antenna, which funnels peacemaking zaps into even tinier electrodes. Then it performs its disappearing act—all of its electrical components are biocompatible and bioresorbable within three months. Why is this so incredible? Well sometimes patients only need a temporary pacemaker, the problem is that they are difficult to remove. Dislodging the wires might scar the heart permanently and the surgery to pull them out could result in bleeding or infection. So having a transient pacemaker that requires no removal is a breakthrough in cardiovascular technology, and an exciting prospect for the future.