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Whole genome sequencing could save NHS millions of pounds, study suggests

23Strands News
23Strands News November 11, 2021

Genomics England and NHS England findings highlight the benefits of using Whole Genome Sequencing to help detect rare diseases

At 23Strands we know how powerful whole-genome sequencing can be for the diagnosis, management and treatment of rare illnesses. Recently the NHS has been investigating the benefits of using whole-genome sequencing throughout England. 

The use of whole-genome sequencing could save the NHS millions of pounds, a study suggests, after it found a quarter of people with rare illnesses received a diagnosis for their condition through the technology. Though individually uncommon, rare inherited diseases affect about 6% of the UK population or roughly 3 million people. In some cases, the findings have provided reassurance for families that they have not passed their condition on to their children, while in others they have inspired life-changing treatments.