Introducing a new personalised approach to cancer treatment pathways


23Strands Cancer Solutions

We believe that Cancer requires and individual approach and that every patient's journey is unique. This is why we have partnered with Datar Cancer Genomics to provide comprehensive, personalised tumour analysis with actionable and powerful treatment strategies.

Our HealthPath platform allows us to get you the fastest and most targeted care and we can assist you on your journey to bring the right information to your clinicians at the right time. 

Conventional ‘Standard of Care’ approaches are based on limited investigations, which disregard the unique genetic landscape and complex metabolic dynamics of the tumour, highlighting the need for bespoke and tailored cancer treatment.

23Strands Cancer

We have partnered with leading genomics provider, Datar Cancer Genomics, to provide clinicians with personalised insights into alternative treatment options concerning their cancer patients.


  • Deep and extensive tumour gene expression analysis can generate relevant data that reveals possible targets for precision drug therapy.

  • Comprehensive genetic profiling of tumour tissue

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of responses and reactions to chemotherapy drugs

  • Provide efficacy and resistance guidance for chemotherapy

  • Deliver a non-invasive biopsy diagnostic tool through blood samples as an alternative substitute to invasive tissue extraction.

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