A new way of helping patients better understand their unexplained reproductive health challenges



Unexplained Infertility
  • A diagnosis of unexplained infertility could be due to not falling pregnant for a year or more without an apparent reason, such as blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Our novel approach aims to bring together vital information found through whole-genome sequencing and artificial intelligence algorithms, to empower you and your clinicians to solve your fertility challenges.
Optimising Your Medication Regimen
  • Genes respond to medications in different ways. 23Strands analyses how your genees are responding to your prescribed medications and provide a recommendation to you and your fertility specialist on the best course of action to improving your chances of success.
Screening for potential carrier genes
  • We provide comprehensive genetic insights into reproductive carrier screening, determining if you are a carrier of a recessive genetic disease. Helping you to understand what are the potential risks of passing a genetic condition onto your future children.
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Online Fertility Pre-Screening

Our real time assessment tool allows you to identify your risk level of infertility, which you can share with your treating clinicians to make more informed choices and discuss if whole genome sequencing is right for you.
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Consult with one of our Health Care Professionals

At this appointment, you will meet the team to determine if the 23Plus journey is right for you. You will need to provide details of your family history and personal medical history. This will allow us to provide you with recommendations if further diagnostic testing is required and for you to determine if Whole Genome Sequencing is your best course of action.

Its confirmed, you are ready for 23Plus Genome sequencing

It starts with a simple blood test. 23Strands is partnering with GP practices around Australia to assist us with this service to make it as convenient as possible for you. Once your sample has been taken by our trusted GP network, it's then securely packed and shipped to our expert sequencing facilities for thorough genetic analysis and interpretation.

23Plus Fertility team working together to investigate your results

Your unique results founded on genomic and medical information allow our experts to offer advice to your doctors to help you make informed choices and decisions about your pregnancy. In the area of Reproductive Health your report can deliver you new insights into unexplained infertility, expanded carrier screening, and treatment optimisation advice.

23Plus Genome Fertility Report

Your 23Plus Report will be shared with your nominated fertility specialist, if you do not have a fertility specialist, we can recommend our partnering specialists who will be able to explain your whole genome sequencing results with you and initiate your fertility treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will include the right doses and right medication which is best suited to you upon review of your genomic report to maximise your chances of conceiving a baby.

Consultation with Our Health Professionals

Your unique results allow our experts to offer advice to your doctors to help you make informed choices and decisions about your pregnancy. The information found and stated in the report will indicate whether or not you are a carrier of a genetic disorder.

If your results show that you are a carrier, it means you have a chance (called a variant) in one copy of a gene that could cause a genetic disorder in your child. In most cases, both you and your partner need to be carriers of the same condition for your child to be at increased risk. Reproductive options are available to couples who learn that they are carriers. Your fertility specialists can explain these to you if this is required.

Ongoing Treatment Pathways & Monitoring

Your report will be shared with your referring general practitioner, this is important for the continued treatment and management of care for information found during carrier screening and unrelated fertility issues such as general health and wellbeing.

Any other indicators in your genome which may need to be reviewed will be managed in a primary care setting. Continued care over time will be managed by your chosen clinician.